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Self Acceptance: How to combat fear deriving from insufficient performance

a man screaming because of the fear he has of accepting himself

In this performance driven world, where achievements and accolades are the norm for how a person is judged, the fear of being judged for certain aspects wherein a person is not meeting the benchmark has become highly prevalent. The pressure to perform towards the expectations of others, the pressure to prove our worth are highly self-destructive as they lead to a state of constant anxiety and self-degradation. Therefore, the journey to true inner bliss and peace lies within accepting yourself and letting go of the fear of being perceived for insufficient performance.

WHAT IS SELF ACCEPTANCE, you may ask, self-acceptance is the practice of embracing all aspects of who you are without any conditions or underlying measures, it is to embrace the very core of your being and to let it flourish without any perceived opinions. Its importance lies in the fact that it allows you to recognize the fact that YOU ARE INHERENTLY VALUABLE. 

No change can be implemented without a different mindset; thus you cannot accept yourself if your mind refuses to adapt. To begin with, PRACTICE SELF-COMPASSION, treat yourself as you would treat your friends or loved ones, recognize that each person has their own strengths and weaknesses therefore you should learn to embrace them. MOST IMPORTANTLY: DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS, and limit any source of unnecessary judgment in your life.

“Birds of a feather flock together”, a famous quote that perfectly describes how important it is to SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE, as their positivity will bring about change in your mindset, thus helping you achieve your goals. With positive people comes trust and comfort towards them, you can use these to embrace your vulnerable aspects along with people whom you respect which may aid you in accepting them. 

Accepting yourself is a continuous journey and it is full of never-ending turns with various challenges. Embracing who you are and valuing yourself regardless of your performance are important skills to make your life more fulfilling and satisfying. DON’T FORGET: YOUR WORTH IS INNATE AND CAN’T BE DEFINED BY EXTERNAL FACTORS. 


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