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The Echoes Of Unspoken Bonds

In shadows cast by youth's embrace, we stood,

Two friends entwined, the world misunderstood.

Our dreams, like whispered secrets, took to flight,

As we, in tandem, chased the fading light.

Through laughter shared and secrets closely kept,

In moonlit moments, promises were swept.

Yet, life's capricious hand, unkindly played,

Our destinies entwined, then torn, betrayed.

One fateful day, your father's watchful eye,

Caught whispers of rebellion in the sky.

A vape's soft sigh, a choice that left its scar,

It drove a wedge, a friendship left ajar.

We planned our futures, painted dreams in gold,

In tender moments, stories left untold.

But time, a silent thief, took you from me,

In hushed goodbyes, a world we could not see.

Though years have passed, your absence lingers on,

A shadowed ache, a friendship, nearly gone.

I miss the laughter, whispered secrets too,

And hope someday, our bond will once renew.

For in those stolen kisses, true and deep,

Lies the promise of a friendship still to keep.

I wish for time to heal what once was torn,

To rekindle love, like the first light of morn.

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