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Blooming socially: How to become comfortable with social situations regardless of self-image

Social life is a treacherous path to navigate, especially if you don’t trust the navigator, which in this case is you and you only. Embracing yourself is the most important factor in this path, because what journey is going to be fun if the person experiencing it isn’t capable to. Don’t worry though, buckle up your seats, and get prepared to go on a different journey, a journey to become comfortable with social situations regardless of your self-image.

1) The first, quite obvious, destination is accepting that no organism, entity or even object is perfect, different people have different opinions and those opinions may be partial toward you while some of them may not, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who see your so called bad qualities as good qualities. “So?”- As you may be thinking, my synopsis is that: You aren’t perfect, neither am I and neither is the famous personality you may compare yourself to, so accept your “bad” qualities as a part of you and move yourself away from any negativity pertaining them.

2) Now that we’ve gotten past the first destination let’s get to the second: Prepare yourself for social situations. Understanding how certain situations function may be quite beneficial to you, especially if you lack self-confidence, knowing how to talk, what to talk, how to carry yourself, how to treat people around you, etcetera may aid you as you’ll be more comfortable in your surroundings. Another factor on this is: speed, jumping right into complex situations may not be comfortable no matter how prepared you are so gradual progress is recommended. For example: Starting from small gatherings with close friends and family to larger groups in different settings. Note that progress is progress, whether big or small it’s a step in the right direction.

3) Welcome to the third and last destination where you will need to realize that social interactions aren’t meant to be navigated through alone. Seek support, whether its friends or family, share your perspectives, opinions and thoughts with people and who knows, they may be able to help you. If friends or family aren’t the cure to your problem, then consider the opinion of a professional like a therapist or a counsellor. Congratulations! You have come to the end of our little journey of self-confidence and discovery, you are now equipped to venture on and bloom in the world of social interactions. Good luck and farewell.

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